Foam Jet Fountain Nozzle sale in Bangladesh

 Explore the vast collection of foam jet fountain nozzles at These elegant foam jet fountain nozzles are handmade, skillfully crafted

Foam Jet Fountain Nozzle, Stainless Steel body


The beautiful soft foam jet is a medium-size nozzle that offers a strong contrast to its environment. By mixing air with water, the pattern appears to be extremely high-volume with low water requirement. The lively bubbling water pattern works independently of the water level so it is easier to install and operate.

Inlet 1″
Item Height 6 1/8″
Item Weight (lbs) 1.02
Pressure (psi) 1.0-8.0
Flow (gpm) 14-27
Display Height 1′-6′
Thread MNPT
Weight 102 oz
Dimensions 1-6 in


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