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Now you’ll combine and luxuriate in the advantages of yoga and sauna together. Turn the sauna heater temperature down low for 110°F gentle room heat which will help loosen and relax your muscles for decent Yoga Sauna posing and stretching. Hot Yoga sauna eases joint pain and stiffness, strengthens the circulatory system, relieves muscle pain and increases flexibility.

Easily convert back to regular traditional sauna by re-arranging bench tiers and switch sauna heater thermostat up. Use the sauna heater as-is for dry sauna or pour water over sauna heater rocks for traditional Finnish steam sauna. Superior Sauna will build and customize a sauna tailored for your specific size and wishes in your choice of woods: white poplar or Red Cedar.

3 Easy Steps to Ordering a Hot Yoga Sauna Kit

#1 Determine Size:
Research saunas to work out what you want: size, capacity, layout, options, etc. Our design consultants will assist you to choose options for economy or luxury. invite Chuck, he has designed commercial and residential saunas worldwide.

The recommended minimum size for a Hot Yoga Sauna is:

4′ x 7′ sauna room for 1 person Yoga workout
7′ x 7′ sauna room for a two-person Yoga workout

#2 Get a Quote:

Select a standard size sauna from the Liner Kit list OR fill out a Custom Sauna Planner form to urge a quote on sauna & shipping. Address required to quote shipping. Download Custom Sauna Planner form Purchase: To proceed with the order, just email or fax acceptance of quote and call with payment information. Visa/MC, Paypal (AmEx & Discover accepted through Paypal) or drop sign up mail. we provide factory-direct pricing on a number of the simplest quality saunas on the market.

#3 Payment and Production:

When payment is received, production will begin on order. Usually 2-4 weeks for production and shipping. Installation of Hot Yoga Sauna Kit is completed by yourself or local builder, parts are labeled & instructions included. Call us, we’ll assist through the whole Hot Yoga sauna building process. Sauna kit parts are labeled for simple assembly.

Call us at 01817500456 for your custom quote. Order a Sample Pack to ascertain the standard of the materials we use to create our saunas with.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Flexibility: No, you will not be forced into contortionist positions. the warmth will allow you to securely reach new levels of private flexibility in beginner’s postures, which is therapeutic for your body (see number seven). Plus, let’s be honest, being flexible is cool. you will be busting out Standing Bow Pose at your next party.
Strength: Your own body is your gym. This yoga is low impact and uses muscles you didn’t know you had-trying standing during a wide lunge for Triangle pose on the carpet and not sliding! Also, a major focus is on spine strength, which is vital to an extended healthy life!

Breath: The definition of yoga asana is: stillness during a posture while breathing normally. With the added element of the warmth, you will not make it far if you do not breathe deeply! If there’s no breathing, there’s no yoga. It won’t take long before you learn to inhale a full and controlled manner.
Cardio: Your heart can work an equivalent way of doing yoga postures during a heated room because it does when running a mile, and you never even leave your mat. Particularly in postures once you are balancing and contracting your muscles at an equivalent time. A 90-minute class can spend 1,000 calories. The way you stretch and compress your internal organs and glands also stimulates metabolism so you’re burning calories quicker outside the space also.

Detox: The heated room helps you to stretch more and obtain your cardio, but it also helps you sweat. The postures themselves are detoxifying for your muscles, organs, and glands and sweating furthers that.
Focus: Most Hot Yoga classes contain an equivalent 26 postures and two breathing exercises-and if not, there’s nearly always a dialed routine. The routine helps you to advance your practice through repetition. As you advance, you gain tremendous focus and determination. the power to focus carries over to your lifestyle. once you can specialize in the task at hand, you’ll excel and you’ll enjoy it more.

Healing: the first purpose of this yoga is therapy. With daily practice, these postures can help to heal old injuries and also prevent them within the future. this is often very true for, but not limited to, back pain. Don’t skip the postures that are slightly uncomfortable. Hot Yoga is additionally known to scale back symptoms of conditions and illnesses including diabetes, asthma, high vital sign, depression, arthritis, and obesity.
“You’re only as old as your spine is flexible.”~Joseph Pilates

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