This is a powerful barrel steam sauna made up of premium solid wood. This traditional sauna is manufactured by Almost Heaven Saunas as a part of their barrel saunas collection.

With tons of space inside, 6 people can enjoy the sauna together. It can heat up to 190-degrees Fahrenheit. it’d take tons of space, but the great thing is that you simply can put this sauna indoors and outdoors.

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The Princeton 6 Person Barrel Sauna may be a traditional steam sauna. This classic style has been our signature product for over 40 years. this easy design is very effective, providing maximum usable space while minimizing excess cubic feet, which suggests the sauna will heat quickly and efficiently. The Princeton is made with rustic cedar, rustic fir, and clear cedar which are soft lumbers that act as excellent insulators. The spacious interior is large enough to comfortably seat 6 individuals.


The Princeton 6 Person Barrel Sauna is meant employing a ball-and-socket- profile held in situ by chrome steel bands. Minimal fasteners are wont to boast natural and smooth wood. Like all of our barrel-shaped saunas, the Princeton allows for max heat circulation due to the curved walls. the warmth is consistently flowing, allowing a full and rejuvenating sauna experience. The sauna is mounted on polymer support cradles that keep the undercarriage of the sauna from coming in direct contact with any moisture on the bottom.


The Princeton is made using rustic cedar, rustic fir, or clear cedar. The lumbers are thick and insulating, keeping the warmth from your sauna inside. This sauna also features top-quality stainless-steel hardware, a thick tempered glass door, and long easy-to-open cylindrical door handle. alongside all of our barrel saunas, the Princeton includes a typical LED light bar to offer your sauna a soft accented glow.


This barrel sauna comes with an 8.0kw chrome steel heater and sauna stones. The sauna will heat to the maximum amount as 195F in under an hour. Sprinkle water on the recent sauna stones for a rejuvenating burst of steam. this will be repeated multiple times throughout the sauna session as to how to feature humidity to your dry sauna. This traditional sauna experience is filled with health and wellness benefits like pain relief from sore achy muscles and improved blood circulation. confirm to require cooling breaks and to remain hydrated. increase your experience by browsing our various bucket and ladle options!


Find relaxation and retreat with the Princeton Barrel Sauna. Princeton is the perfect option for any outdoor space. the nice and cozy glow from the LED light bar creates a restful and carefree atmosphere, while the long sturdy benches create an inviting space large enough for up to six individuals. However you opt to enjoy your traditional sauna experience, dry or steam, alone or with family and friends, the Princeton Sauna may be a beautiful product and uniquely designed only for you.


Customize your sauna and make it your own with a spread of design options- bench styles, lumber preference, door designs, and a rear vista window.


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