High quality traditional steam sauna room

Traditional sauna room for Bangladesh
Product name: Traditional sauna room
Product Size:1800(L)*1500(W)*1900(H)mm
material: Canadian oak
power of sauna stove: 6KW saw the heater
handle: Wooden or Crystal
capacity: 4 persons
door: 8 mm tempered glass door
Dual instrument panel function

1.To reduce the pressure of labor and life.
2.Beauty expansion pore cleansing the skin, keeping young state.
3.Strengthening perspiration function, remove the body of harmful elements.
4.treatment of atrophic arthritis, for a few diseases, has a particular effect.
5.eliminate fatigue, boost morale, promote blood circulation and metabolism.

The best traditional steam sauna is often easily found in Finland where the first-ever recorded evidence on saunas dates back to 1112. Saunas play a big part in the country’s culture until today. In fact, it’s a standard sort of courtesy, so it’s not surprising that saunas aren’t just an intimate place for private relaxation but also can be a setting for business meetings.

Bangladesh has an estimated number of saunas for a population. However, you do not need to visit Finland to urge the simplest and most authentic experience as you’ll have already got this extremely relaxing and health-boosting installation within the comforts of your house.

How Does It Work?

There are currently differing types of saunas available within the market: portable steam sauna, steam shower, and outdoor sauna. All of them work similarly; they heat up an area to a particular temperature, usually around 110℉ to 190℉. a number of the normal saunas are heated by wood being burned during a stove. The burnt wood is then placed inside an area, allowing the ember to heat the space.

Benefits Of employing a Sauna

Traditional Steam Sauna is known for its many health benefits, and below are just a few of them:

It can help with mental fatigue or stress.

Traditional Steam Sauna rooms, or also referred to as dry rooms, can help lower stress. Being in an environment in which temperature is above usual creates heat stress to the body; thus, it releases dynorphin. To counter that, the brain activates the assembly of endorphins, a kind of chemical that makes a positive feeling to the body.

It increases blood flow and relaxes the muscle.

As the body releases endorphins, this provides the body a tranquilizing effect. the warmth from the sauna increases the body’s core temperature. This causes the blood vessels to dilate, which increases the blood flow. This also accelerates the natural healing effect of our bodies.

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It gives you a healthier complexion.

When you produce sweat due to the steam, it exposes your pores. Sweating removes the bacteria from the upper layer of the skin and therefore the sweat ducts, which makes the skin soft and glowing.

It induces better and deeper sleep.

Because of the heat within the sauna, the sudden drop by temperature within the environment, especially in the dark, reduces the endorphins being released, creating a relaxing effect on the body. due to this, you’ll have a far better sleeping experience.

It releases toxins.

The major organ for detoxification is the skin. Numerous studies are published that clearly showed the connection between frequent sweating and detoxification. Another study showed a significant reduction of symptoms of chronic illnesses caused by methamphetamine exposure of cops after regular sauna sessions.

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