Almost Heaven Saunas has been handcrafting beautiful home sauna models for over 40 years. Our full product lineup includes our signature outdoor steam barrel sauna and our true-to-tradition indoor steam saunas that demonstrate in every detail our unmatched quality, durability, and value. Almost Heaven Saunas may be a U.S. industry leader, supplying custom options to a growing market of people who are wanting to experience sauna benefits that are typified by personal health, wellness, and relaxation.

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Jacuzzi J-585 Hot Spring Grandee NXT
Seats 6-7 7
Dimensions 7’7″ x 7’7″ x 37.5″ 8’4″ x 7’7″ x 38″
Jets The J-585™ comes with 52 total jets, ergonomically placed for a strong, soothing massage. The J-500™ Series offers a unique hydromassage experience for hot tub health benefits, a feature that Jacuzzi® Inc. prides itself on. The J-500™ models offer different types of seating to accommodate the needs of different users. The hot tub jets work with the therapeutic seating, and the J-500™ models offer new “hip jets.” They also come equipped with wrist jets, making the J-500™ models a total body massage experience. All models come to Hot Spring Grandee equipped with the exclusive Moto-Massage® DX feature, a unique moving jet design. The Moto-Massage DX jet produces two powerful water streams that sweep up and down the length of your back, giving a relaxing, therapeutic experience. Several other hot tub jets, including precision jet clusters, rotary jets, and Hydrostream jets, create the perfect amount of pressure and distinct experience for each muscle group. The 43 jets also include Directional Precision® jets, SoothingStream®jets, and JetStream® jets.
Water Capacity 440 gallons 500 gallons
Energy Efficiency The high-quality materials and energy-efficient design of the Jacuzzi J-585 help keep heat in and energy bills low. Based on the sleek, energy-conscious design, they have an estimated running cost of under $20 per month. The Highlife CollectionHot Spring Grandee NXT models are absolutely efficient in every way. They employ several energy-saving innovations, including a polymeric base pan, which boosts the energy efficiency of the hot tub by minimizing contact with the ground. The Highlife models also have an exclusive multi-layer foam insulation that prevents heat from escaping the tub, energy-efficient pumps, and custom-fitting insulated covers.
Filters The J-585™ relies on a ProClarity™ Depth Load filter, a ProClarity™ 40 square-foot filter, and a ProClear™ 60 square-foot filter. The Hot Spring Grandee NXT uses top-loading Tri-X® filters with 100% no-bypass filtration.
Pumps The J-585™ has two strong one-speed 2.5 continuous-duty horsepower pumps. The Hot Spring Grandee NXT has two powerful pumps: The Wavemaster 9200, with two speeds and 2.5 continuous duty HP, and the Wavemaster 9000, with one speed and 2.5 continuous duty HP.
Wattage 240 volts at 30, 50, or 60 amps. 230 volts at 50 amps.
Remote Monitoring Jacuzzi® does not currently offer a remote monitoring system. Hot Spring owners may subscribe to the Connection remote monitoring system, which automatically alerts you and your hot tub dealer to any problems with your spa.
Cooling System Jacuzzi® does not currently offer a cooling option. The optional Cool Zone system allows users to cool their water to as low as sixty degrees, then raise it back up again in just a few hours.
Cabinet The Proendure™ advanced cabinetry is available in Roasted Chestnut or Silverwood. The durable cabinet is available in three colors: Mocha, Teak, and Monterey Grey.
Shell The TriFusion™ acrylic shell comes in Platinum, Silver Pearl, Desert Sand, Opal, Caribbean Surf, Midnight, Monaco, and Titanium The attractive and scratch-resistant acrylic shell is available in an array of colors, including Platinum, Alpine White, Ice Gray, Desert, Tuscan Sun, and Creme.
Control System The J-500™ models offer ProTouch™ Control, a glass touch-screen interface that controls the entire hot tub experience. The ProTouch™ Control system offers a smartphone app, giving users the ability to heat up their hot tub, set water care cycles and provide service alerts from their phones. You can also sync to your system remotely via the ProLink™ app. NXT models employ the IQ 2020®, a convenient wireless remote control with touchscreen technology, which allows a user to easily adjust spa functions such as jets, lighting, and music. The advanced control panel features a full-color screen and intuitive menus; it can work up to 30 feet away. A GFCI-protected subpanel is also included.
Water Features The J-585™ features two WaterColour waterfalls and welcoming interior LED lighting. The BellaFontana® water fountain has three illuminated arcs of water.
Lighting Features The J-500™ models have unique fiber-optic ProEdge™ lighting technology that gives the hot tub a glowing appearance. This lighting technology is used both in the interior of the tub and on the exterior and includes multicolor waterfalls, integrated corner lights, and underwater LED lighting. The Highlife NXT features the Luminescence® multicolor four-zone lighting system. The NXT models have customized, programmable, multi-colored LED lighting systems throughout their interior and exterior. Enjoy a subtle glow or a rainbow of color. The choice is yours.
Heater J-585™’s powerful heater keeps your water at your optimal temperature. To heat water swiftly and maintain a constant high temperature, the Highlife Collection NXT features a No-Fault® 4000-watt 230-volt heater.
Circulation Pump The ProStream™ Circulation Pump supports advanced filtration systems to minimize maintenance and cleaning. The Grandee NXT’s SilentFlo 5000®circulation pump helps provide silent and continuous filtration.
Water Care Options The CLEARRAY® Water Management System keeps your water pure by neutralizing impurities with UV light. Grandee NXT owners can choose between the ACE® Salt Water sanitizing system or the EverFresh®system.
Ozone System The CLEARRAY® PRO3TECT™ automatic oxidizer helps prolong the life of your spa. The Grandee NXT comes standard with the Freshwater III Ozone system, which uses Corona Discharge Cell Technology to neutralize hot tub contaminants with a high concentration of ozone.
Entertainment Options The BLUEWAVE® 2.0 wireless audio system comes with spa-engineered speakers and a subwoofer. Hot Spring’s wireless audio system lets you stream music live or play music stored on your personal devices. The extended Bluetooth range can reach as far as 150 feet. Song and artist titles display on the control panel. Owners can also choose to include a 22” HD wireless monitor.
Cover The Prolast™ covers are weather-proof for extreme conditions and are designed to be lightweight for ease of use. A 3.5″ to 2.5″ vinyl cover with a 2lb-density foam core in Slate, Chocolate, Caramel, or Evergreen comes with the Grandee® NXT.
Cover Lifter Jacuzzi® owners may choose to also purchase a convenient cover lifter. An optional cover lifter may be added. Choose from the UpRite®, CoverCradle®, CoverCradle II®, or the Lift ‘n Glide®.
Steps Premium synthetic wood steps are available in colors that match your hot tub’s cabinetry. Step options include the NXT step collection designed to match the Highlife NXT; the Everwood® HD Step designed to match the Everwood HD cabinet; and a lightweight polymer step. All step options come in multiple colors chosen to complement your spa.


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